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Portrait Photography: The Power of a Positive Experience

Updated: May 9

In the world of digital portrait photography, it's not uncommon to see how clients can be harsh to themselves when they see their image on the computer screen.


The psychology behind this self-critique runs deep. We're bombarded with images of supposed perfection in media and advertising, setting impossibly high standards.

When faced with our own image, we often judge ourselves against these unattainable ideals, magnifying our perceived flaws. It's like holding up a mirror to our insecurities.

The perception of ourselves can also be influenced by the way we typically see our reflections versus how we appear in photographs. Mirrors give us a horizontally flipped version of ourselves, which becomes our preferred self-image over time.

When we see ourselves in photographs, which usually depict us as others see us, the unflipped asymmetries can sometimes appear unfamiliar.

This phenomenon sheds light on how our brains process visual information and why we form negative self-perceptions. Those slight asymmetries, like variations in the nose or ears, may become more noticeable when we view ourselves in a non-flipped image.

It’s these imperfections that can add to our authenticity and uniqueness. They are the features that should be most cherished about ourselves.

AI photo of a portrait of a young woman looking at her reflection

A portrait photography session can be a transformative experience, serving as a powerful tool for building confidence and self-love. It is our job, as professional photographers, to make sure that the experience is worth our clients’ investment.

Through this lens, we have the opportunity to showcase not just physical appearance, but personality, essence, and individuality.

A skilled photographer can capture moments of raw authenticity, revealing beauty in unexpected ways.

Seeing ourselves through someone else's eyes can offer a fresh perspective, shifting our focus from perceived imperfections to unique features and expressions that make us who we are.

Ultimately, a portrait photography session isn't just about creating beautiful images; It's a journey towards self-acceptance, where every click of the shutter serves as a reminder that we are worthy of love and admiration, just as we are.

We all need to embrace the opportunity to step in front of the camera, and let the experience be a celebration of our individuality!


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