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Before the session

When you visit the studio, you will have already paid the session fee, which also acts as a retainer. Upon arrival, you will be taken care of by my trusted makeup artist. You are welcome to relax and enjoy a cup of tea, coffee, or water while you are being pampered.

While you get ready, I will be making final preparations for the photoshoot, including testing the lights and ensuring everything is ready for you. During the session, we will discuss the plan for the shoot, review your outfits (feel free to bring as many as you'd like), select backgrounds, and address any specific requests you may have.

During the session

The studio is equipped with a large monitor that displays each photograph in real-time as it is taken. This monitor serves several purposes: it allows me to check the lighting and exposure of the images to ensure their quality. It also provides immediate feedback, helping you to create the best poses and expressions.

​After the initial viewing of the images, you will have the opportunity to change outfits while I adjust the backgrounds, lighting, and/or lenses to capture different looks and feels

After the session

After the photoshoot, we will review the images and mark your favorites.


You have the freedom to choose as many or as few images as you would like to purchase. We will work together to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your final selection.


 The unselected images will be discarded. It is important that all decision-makers are present during the selection process, as I will not be sending any galleries for proofing later on. There is also the option to order printed products a la carte.

 Once you leave the studio, your selected images will be meticulously retouched. Within two days, you will receive two online galleries: one with high resolution images for printing and one with lower resolution images for use on the internet or website.

I am looking forward to working with you!

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