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A couple
days before

  • Make sure you get a good night sleep and drink water

  • Avoid the sun and faux tanning

  • Gently exfoliate but no extractions or waxing during the week of the session

  • Have clean hair as well as clean moisturizing skin

  • Select the clothes you would like to bring, make sure everything is ironed if needed

  • Coordinate each set on the same hanger

The focus
is on you

  • Avoid neon colors, graphic shirts or logos

  • Plan your color palette and the vibes you are going for

  • Make sure they fit well (Oversized clothes will make you look bigger)

  • Stay away from fabrics that are prone to wrinkling

  • Avoid strapless tops, or spaghetti straps

  • If you want to get most out of your poses, you need to be comfortable in your outfits

  • I will help you with your selection so if you are not sure, bring a selection and we can go through it

  • Always choose timeless items vs. fashionable ones

  • Keep jewelry small and simple

Hair &

  • Avoid drastic haircut prior the session

  • If you choose to cut your hair, try to do it 1 week prior the session

  • Make-up should be done slightly heavier than normal

  • Make-up should be neutral and even, clean (no clumps)

  • Nails show. Neutral or basic color works best

  • Wear your glasses as you would normally do


  • Dress as if you were going to an interview

  • Solid color shirts - Darker jacket with a white shirt

  • You can combine pastel colors with a dark jacket

  • Do not wear long stripes or patterns

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