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The Colors of Ireland

Jim and I have always wanted to go to Ireland. Learning about its fascinating history or drinking a glass of Guinness in a cozy Irish pub has always been on our wishlist.

While I could go on and on about our journey, I’d like to write about one thing that stood out for me: The beautiful colors of Ireland.

Multicolored Doors

I really love the vibrant aspects of the city, especially its colorful doors. There’s a great story that goes with it: apparently, Oliver St. John Gogarty kept accidentally knocking on George Moore’s door, thinking it was his own. To avoid more mix-ups, George Moored decided to paint his door in a unique color. This tale brought a smile to my face, and I genuinely hope it’s true!

Multicolored Doors

The Red of the Temple Bar and the Wall of Fame

Dublin has a wonderful, welcoming vibe. People are friendly, and many spots, especially the pubs, are super cozy and inviting. If you're in Dublin, you absolutely should check out Temple Bar. It's a lively and colorful pub tucked away in a pedestrian area, and it's a fantastic spot to enjoy fantastic live music just steps away from the Wall of Fame.

Multicolored Umbrella Street

I had a great time at Umbrella Street in Dublin. You can find it at 34 Anne's Lane. It's basically a bunch of colorful umbrellas hanging over you as you walk down the lane. If you use a wide-angle lens, you can capture all the umbrellas. The day we visited, it was raining, so they came in handy!

Street Art

Dublin's buildings are bursting with colors too, from random graffiti to intricate street art, they're always fascinating to examine and make for great, vibrant images.

The Black and White of the Sheep

In Ireland, you'll often find lots of sheep. We spotted them as we got closer to the Cliffs of Moher and while driving through the Connemara Region. I really like how they have black faces and legs, which stand out against their white wool. They aren't scared of cars or people. You'll even see them sitting happily by the roadside or right in the middle of the road. For many, they symbolize Ireland itself.

Black and White Sheep

The Green of the Cliffs of Moher

When we went there, the weather was perfect: sunny with some fluffy clouds, a gentle breeze, fresh air, and the grass was incredibly green. It's such a peaceful spot, and seeing content cows in the field just puts a smile on your face!

The Green of Glenlo Abbey

After our trip to the Cliffs, we stayed at Glenlo Abbey, and it was truly enchanting. This abbey has been around since the 18th century, and it's known for the Pullman Restaurant. The restaurant features two carriages from the Orient Express (we had dinner there!) each with a fascinating history and unique style. The place is surrounded by lush greenery, including a 138-acre lakeside golf estate and stunning gardens.

Again, there is so much to say after such a trip, so much to remember, and many memories made. We will gladly come back and explore other cities like Cork, Limerick, Howth, and so many beautiful areas we have not had the chance to visit.

Slàinte Mhath!

(Good Health!)



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