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Gift Card: Print Credit
  • Gift Card: Print Credit


    * After the photography session ($250 / Sold Separately) you will have the opportunity to order printing products

    * The amount of the print credits Gift Card will be deducted from the final invoice

    * If you wish to increase the amount (ie: $1,000 + for a group gift) please contact me

    Cost: $500


      Prints and products do not include the photo session fee ($250)

      The final amount gifted will be deducted from the final invoice


      Gift Cards are non refundable.

      Gift Cards do not have a validity period and can be used at any time.


      Standard delivery is FREE of charge and should arrive within 1-2 business days.

      * Gift Cards may be shipped only to U.S. addresses via U.S. Postal Service.


      Please note: We do not personalize Gift Cards with a recipient name. Each Gift Card is issued in the denomination indicated by the purchaser. You can enter a gift message free of charge on this page.

      We also offer Gift Cards for business incentive programs. For more information, contact us at 650.464.2933, Mon - Fri, 8:00 am – 7:00 pm PST.

      Important Customer Notice

      We can only guarantee the authenticity of Gift Cards if they are acquired through Gift Cards purchased through online auction and classified ad sites may be counterfeit or have a zero dollar balance and can be canceled at any time if determined to be fraudulent. Shop cards will be void if bartered or sold.


      Terms and Conditions

      Florence Catania Gift Cards, will be considered void if auctioned, bartered or sold. Cardholders may check their balances by calling 650.464.2933. 

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