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10 Pieces of Advice for a Successful Family Session

As you know, I frequently capture individual portraits of men, women, and teenagers.

I am fortunate enough to build a rapport with their families as well, and many of my clients return to me for family sessions.

One of the advantages of living in beautiful Pebble Beach, CA is the versatility it offers. We have the ability to swiftly switch between settings, utilizing the controlled environment of my studio with its lighting and existing setup, and the natural light of my adjacent studio.

Right at my doorstep lies a picturesque forest, providing a splendid backdrop of lush trees and vibrant green grass. We can also go on a short drive to the nearby beach, a mere seven minutes away from the studio.

If you prefer me to come over to a specific location, I can also arrange it (the cost of the session fee varies, contact me for more information on session fees.)

My top ten recommendations to ensure a successful and enjoyable family session experience:

1. Prioritize comfort at your family session

It is crucial that each family member feels comfortable in their chosen attire. Confidence shines through when individuals are at ease in what they’re wearing.

2. Avoid big logos and patterns

Large logos or busy patterns can divert attention away from the primary focus, which is capturing the essence of your family. Choose more subtle, timeless pieces.

3. Coordinate outfits

Before the session, take the time to lay out the clothing choices for each family member. Consider how colors and styles complement one another. If one color stands out excessively, consider replacing it to achieve a harmonious overall look.

4. Consider professional hair and make-up

They add an extra touch of polish and enhance everyone’s confidence. I can arrange an appointment with my wonderful hair and make-up artist, Kiyomi Sanada.

5. Embrace layering

Bringing a variety of layered clothing options allows for flexibility during the session. Easily adding or removing layers can create distinct looks and accommodate changing weather conditions.

6. Pay attention to details

Well-groomed hands and neat nails can make a significant difference in close-ups shots.

7. Get a good night’s sleep

Preparing for the big day starts the night before. Adequate rest will ensure that everyone looks and feels their best during the session, resulting in more vibrant and lively photographs.

8. Stay Nourished and Hydrated

To ensure everyone's comfort and energy levels remain high, bring snacks and water to the session. This helps sustain a positive and enjoyable atmosphere throughout.

9. Plan post-session excitement

Make the most of your time together as a family by scheduling an enjoyable activity after the session. This not only extends the cherished moments but also creates a relaxed atmosphere during the photography session itself.

10. Share your ideas

Feel free to communicate to me any specific ideas or concepts you have in mind.

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