Bay Area Portrait and Headshot Photographer

Palo Alto, CA

Certified Professional Photographer

"Florence sees the beauty in everyday things, and I knew after looking through her portfolio that I wanted her to photograph our child. We couldn't be happier with the experience or the results. She was not just patient and flexible while photographing our daughter (important when working with a two-year-old), but seemed to genuinely enjoy it. Florence has a real knack for catching the small details of children that, in turn, capture us, and turning them into gorgeous photographs. But her photos are more than just images of our child: they are small moments of our real life, and unlike any other work I've seen. As I follow her work I am more and more impressed by her beautiful images, and very much hope she'll continue to document our growing family." Rachel S. - Redwood City


"Florence Catania is a fabulous professional photographer, her work is amazing! She is such a warm and friendly person that you immediately feel comfortable in her presence, Florence really brought out the best in me. This is the 1st that I am satisfied with my business pictures, she really captured the spirit and diversity of all the elements that my work incorporates, and she produced the fantastic pictures I needed. She is thoughtful and creative with an amazing mastery of the lighting indeed. She is also great fun to work with and never fails to make me laugh!" Stephanie P. - Los Gatos


"Florence has a unique way of capturing personalities and emotions. Her ability to reflect the essence of a moment is amazing. It takes a good photographer to make beautiful pictures. It takes a fully accomplished artist to make work that makes you feel "wow, this is exactly it." Lamia M. - Sunnyvale


"Our family and pregnancy photo shoots sessions with Florence were truly enjoyable. We were very happy with the results and the overall experience. Florence is very professional, talented and created a comfortable environment making sure we would all be at ease, she made it very easy! I highly recommend her." Sandrine S. - Burlingame


"Working with Flo was a delight. She was professional in every way from her initial estimate to being on time for our photo session and her timely production of our CD and online gallery of our photos. She is artistically unsurpassable. Her portfolio was so beautiful I couldn't wait for her to photograph my daughter's bat mitzvah events. She captured my daughter as well as the rest of my family so that their personalities shone through. Her approach to setting up the compositions is also unique. Our photos don't look like any other photographer's, they are in a class by themselves. I couldn't have been happier with the artistic quality." Ruth-Anne S. - Palo Alto 


"Florence was a student at many of my classes and every time we saw her we also saw new and exciting images. Photography is a rather unholy alliance between Science and Art. Most photographers have an obvious emphasis of one or the other in their images, and you can see it. Great photographers know the science and mechanics of the cameras and can also play them like fine instruments. You can see this in Florence's work as she has a penchant for catching the moment with an inviting composition.  Her manner with her young subjects is all but invisible, as we get a, thoughtful, composed and heartfelt image of our child through her work.  Her style includes a vicarious experience not often seen, where we can revisit our inner-child for a moment or two until adult hood jars us back to reality. As parent I find her work most delightful. Florence's images of your kids on the walls of your home will work the same way as a good red wine and conversation." Tom U. - Palo Alto


"The pictures from the show are gorgeous! I love the your spacial composition! The black and white gallery, and the pictures you took in the dressing room are particularly poetic!" Hao B. -  Sunnyvale


"When we received the pictures of our children, we could not stop looking at them! Flo has such a unique way to highlight feelings and amazing details. Her ability to capture special moments and to get the children’s attention in a very playful way is amazing. They were having so much fun! These photos are very special to our family!" Laure C. - Sunnyvale, CA


"Superb! Flo's artistic style gave us baby portraits fit for the Louvre." Feisal M. -  Redwood City


"Florence's photos touch me in the same way Anne Geddes work does.  She takes a moment and turns it into art.  Plus, I love the way Florence captures emotion in her work!  I was very impressed by her photographs at my daughter's horsebacking activity with Girl Scouts." Suze S. - Palo Alto


"Florence took pictures of my kids at several occasions. I asked her to be my 5 years-old daughter's birthday party photographer. I loved what I got, and received many feedbacks from other parents about her pictures. Florence manages to catch the beauty of the moment and the essence of life. I see in her pictures amazing and very true expressions of children. They make me realize how the most simple things in life (a child's smile, playing with bubbles, running on the sand...) are beautiful and enjoyable. After looking at her pictures, you will run to give your kids a hug." Gaelle D. - Santa Clara


"I'm a big fan of Florence's work. She has a gift for capturing the most beautiful and ephemeral expressions on a child's face. Her photo shoots are very informal and enjoyable. She puts the children (and parents!) at ease and takes pictures without you noticing. The result is fresh and spontaneous, and the black and white printouts are impeccable." Estelle B. - Mountain View


"Flo artfully captured some precious moments with our difficult subjects: twin babies who weren't smiling yet and a two-year-old girl.  She truly has an artistic eye for capturing the beauty of children.  Her compositions are creative.  Her use of focus is artistic and fanciful.  She knows how to both gently stage a good shot and take advantage of the chaos that unfolds in a family.  We have used her work for holiday cards, framed photographs, and wallpapers.  We look forward to having her come and chronicle our family as they grow older." Tyler T. - San Francisco


"My whole family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, etc.) treasures the pictures of our two children that Flo captured. It was during a casual visit that the camera came out and in a fairly short period of time Florence generated some truly priceless, un-posed, and (dare I say) truly exquisite images.  She has a very light touch when interacting with the children and an incredible sense of timing.   The results speak for themselves, we have an incredible variety of both vibrant color and well executed black and white shots – our biggest problem is deciding which ones to print out for framing!" Maria T. - San Jose


"We booked a family photo session with Florence based on what we had seen on her website. She has such a creative and yet, very sophisticated style, and her ability to bring out small nuances by catching a glance, a secret smile, made the photos come to life. This was exactly what we were looking for. We had very high expectations based on what we'd seen, but the end results still blew us away. We have already booked our next session for our holiday photos." Marianne J. - Palo Alto